Tom Cruise’s Minority Report is Being Developed as a TV Show

Tom Cruise in Minority Report (2002) Movie Image

Remember 2002’s “Minority Report”? As I recall, it was a hit. Not a massive hit or anything (unless my memory is foggy, and that’s entirely possible), but a decent hit. But this was back in 2002. Back then, Cruise could do no wrong. Not so much these days, where his movies are 50-50 at the box office.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, that movie starred Cruise as the head of a law enforcement unit called PreCrime, which used psychics to predict crimes, and arrested people before they actually committed those crimes. The movie was based on a Philip K. Dick story, and had links to “Total Recall,” also based on a Philip K. Dick story. (Dick, by the way, is also responsible for “Blade Runner.” So yeah, he’s pretty big when it comes to sci-fi.)

TheWrap reports that Max Borenstein (“Godzilla”) has been tapped by Spielberg via his Amblin Entertainment to adapt the movie into a TV series.

The movie was interesting in that it explored what would happen if someone figured out a way to exploit the whole premise being precrime intervention, though I don’t suspect the TV show will be all that complex. It’s likely going to be a crime-of-the-week show, with maybe an overarching storyline or two.

Spielberg is expected to cast a “name” actor in the lead role.

The only thing I really recall of “Minority Report” is that it had some pretty awesome visuals, with Tom Cruise doing wacky things with virtual reality and computer screens in thin air and all that good stuff. Here’s a trailer for the original movie to refresh your memory.