Tom Hanks vs. Somali Pirates. Will Wilson Assist?

Tom HanksTom Hanks is this close to signing on to star in Columbia Pictures’ true-life bio-pic of Captain Richard Phillips, the ship Captain who famously offered himself up as a hostage to armed Somali pirates in order to save his crew back in 2009. Phillips was eventually rescued by Navy SEALs, though his hostage takers were not so lucky.

It’s certainly a great story, even if you already know how it’s all going to end. The trick is making the Somali pirates, who don’t always come across as all that dangerous in any of the photos I’ve seen of them, well, dangerous in the movie.

E! Online says the as-yet-untitled movie will be based on Phillips’ book “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea” (co-written with Stephan Talty), and will focus on the harrowing incident and subsequent rescue of Phillips from a small lifeboat in the Indian Ocean by the SEALs.

Somali Pirates