Tom Hardy and his Shaved Head on the Dark Knight Rises Set

According to this blog (via CBM), this is your first look at a clean-shaven and bald Tom Hardy on the set of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”. I have no idea who the guy standing next to Hardy is, but either he’s huge or Hardy is smaller than I thought.

Hardy is playing Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises”, which sees Christian Bale slip the cape and cowl back on for, possibly, his last hurrah. It’s definitely the last Batman movie for Nolan, from all indications.

More recent Batman stuff: First look at “Batman: Year One”, and Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role in “TDKR” revealed.

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  • Bad Zack

    theres no way he can be bane

    • Jfloyo112000

      Hey, with 3 inch boots Tom Hardy will look HUGE…add to it camera angels and the size of the rest of the cast and it should work. All he needs to do is be able to look bigger, badder, meaner than Batman and it will be a great sequence. I just hope they stick to him breaking the bats back!!!!

  • Schmuck

    Maybe th

  • Eagle Eye

    Maybe the guy is his stunt double or something, but hey, remember, this is Christopher Nolan here. He has given us many good films, i don’t think he is gonna screw up now!!

  • Eagle Eye

    Maybe the guy is his stunt double or something, but hey, remember, this is Christopher Nolan here. He has given us many good films, i don’t think he is gonna screw up now!!

  • Juggernaut

    It doesn’t matter how small Hardy looks in this pic, camera angles, lighting and good direction can make even the tiniest of actors (Tom Cruise? Hello!) look like formidable action stars. Besides it is Nolan and I believe in Harvey Den.. er, Christopher Nolan! Lol.

  • Ulik

    While I would have chosen Javier Bardem as Bane(who like Heath Ledger, probably would have garnered an Oscar for his performance as Bane); I think Hardy will do a good job of being menacing and intimidating enough to still pull it off. He does need to put on some more size, but it also depends on what his costume design will be like on film that will also make all of the difference.

    • Juggernaut

      I really hope that they don’t totally gloss over the mask just to make him more realistic and modern. While some changes will need to be made and some liberties need to be taken, the mask is a staple of the character as much as Batman’s is. I’m hoping that Nolan can work his magic and turn this character into a really cool movie character. Hopefully they drop the “Venom” drug aspect and rely more on his connection to the League Of Shadows.

      • Lexavi80

        They might do go with the mask. They did it with Scarecrow…

        • Juggernaut

          They could. I just hope that if they do they do it in a cool and functional way. There is a huge potential to make it look stupid. I hope Nolan can find a way to have it in there and make it cool.

  • guest

    hardy is 5’9”, so that dudes probably 6’1”. but like others have said here, its easy enough to make a short person look monstrous. look at hardy in bronson. look at arnold and stallone, both short guys who have been made to look huge in movies

  • Lexavi80

    Nolan is directing so I’m not worried, however I’m curious on how will Bane looks at the end.

  • Nc32203

    Hardy better start hitting the weights harder and start juicing up….

    • Jfloyo112000

      Yeah…if I were Hardy I would of def. took steriods just to get the “feel” of how Bane would really of acted and all the other benefits he would of had.

  • Dominique

    You ppl are crazy. It’s EXTREMELY noticable that Hardy’s bulked up signifigantly…..even more so since his “Bronson” days. Compare him from “Star Trek: Nemesis”……”Bronson”……”Inception”……and now “The Dark Knight Rises”. The dude is huge compared to how he used to look. His bulk for TDKR looks more precise, controlled, packed on strategically as opposed to “let’s just throw on muscle”……appropriate for the analytical mastermind that is Bane.