Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace in Talks for Crime Drama Animal Rescue

Tom HardyWatch out, PETA, this appears to be one animal rescue that might prove bloody when all is said and done. Especially with Bane and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo involved.

Tom Hardy, fresh from breaking Batman in “The Dark Knight Rises” (and currently battling post-apocalyptic killers in “Mad Max: Fury Road” for director George Miller) is in talks to front the Dennis Lehane-scripted “Animal Rescue”, with Noomi Rapace also offered the film’s female lead.

In the movie, Hardy will play “a man who wants to shed his criminal path but somehow gets mixed up in a bad heist and a killing resulting from a lost and contested pit bull.”

Man’s best friend, am I right?

“Animal Rescue” will be based on a short story by Lehane (“Gone Baby Gone”, “Shutter Island”, and “Mystic River”, to name just three), who also adapted the script. It’s part of Lehane’s “Boston Noir” collection.

Michael R. Roskam (“Bullhead”) is directing and will make his Hollywood debut on the film. Originally set in Boston, the story will be transplanted to New York (aw, man, so I won’t get to hear Tom Hardy do a wicked Boston accent, then?), with production set for sometime in March.

Rapace, of course, is coming off Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, and has “Deadman Down”, another crime drama set in New York, but this time with Colin Farrell, in the pipeline.

Noomi Rapace

Via : Deadline