Tom Hardy to Star in Splinter Cell Movie

Splinter Cell Game Looks like Ubisoft is on a roll with their games-to-movies ambitions. After setting up “Assassin’s Creed” with Michael Fassbender, the game developer now has Tom Hardy attached to a “Splinter Cell” movie.

Hardy, fresh off breaking the Bat in “The Dark Knight Rises” and currently going at it post-apocalyptic in the latest “Mad Max” movie, will likely be playing Sam Fisher, the covert operative at the center of the “Splinter Cell” games based on story ideas by spy novelist Tom Clancy. Of course, they could end up doing something else that isn’t necessarily connected to the games, but that would seem rather pointless.

The movie doesn’t currently have a studio yet (though Warner Bros. and Paramount are apparently in the mix), but it does have a screenwriter in Eric Warren Singer (“The International”), who has been commissioned to hack away at Sam Fisher’s (or someone else’s) big-screen adventures.

I’ve never played the “Splinter Cell” games, but then again stealth gaming was never my thing. There has to be a reason it’s sold oodles of copies and spawn a handful of sequels.

“Splinter Cell” sounds like something Hardy has done before ala “This Means War”, where he played a Brit spy working for the CIA. That was, uh, not a very good movie. Hopefully this one will be better.

Tom Hardy in This Means War (2012) Movie Image

Via : Deadline