Tom Hiddleston Talks About Sociopathic, Nasty Loki in Avengers, Thor 2

Chris Hemsworth may have gotten top billing and all the fanboy (and fangirl) love for playing the God of Thunder in “Thor”, but for my money, that film wouldn’t be nearly as good without the presence of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Talk about a lost soul trying to find his way home — that was Loki in “Thor”. Compared to Loki’s character arc, Thor comes across as, well, kinda bland and boring.

So what’s Loki — that is, Tom Hiddleston — been up to since losing the fight for Asgard to Thor? Well, he’s enemy #1 in Joss Whedon’s upcoming “The Avengers”, for one, where he’ll be stirring up quite the chaos. And according to Hiddleston, he tells MTV that Loki, while still being the complex chap that he is, has broadened his mean streak for the superhero team-up he’ll be facing:

In ‘The Avengers’ he’s really dark and kind of sociopathic, or maybe even psychopathic is the word, in a deluded way. Obviously I haven’t let go of the spiritual damage at the heart of him, it still comes from that lost place, but he’s just incredibly nasty. I think that probably in ‘Thor 2’ his previous actions will, he’ll have to take responsibility for what he’s done.

But Loki’s not all bad, right?

The great thing about Loki is there is potential in him for greatness and awfulness, for great heroism and great villainy. There are still, even within ‘The Avengers,’ there are moments where you see within Loki a glimmer of hope and that possibility of redemption.

Hiddleston also confirms that “Thor 2” will probably shoot in early 2012, though he claims the sequel doesn’t have a director in place yet. This would seem to contradict previous reports, not that it really matters. They’ll get a director in there eventually.

In any case, so what will Loki be up to in “Thor 2”?

Nobody is black and white, there are shades of grey in all of us. We all have potential for greatness and we all have flaws. I for one am championing the redemption. This isn’t definitely going to happen, but I think there would be nothing more awesome than seeing Loki and Thor fight somebody side by side.

Now I’m all for Hiddleston being back in the Thor-verse (he is, after all, Thor’s greatest enemy), it might be a good idea to give Thor someone else to fight for the second film, then bring Loki back in the third movie. Or, have Loki around in the second film, but not as the primary villain. Just saying, Hiddleston is awesome as Loki, there’s no point in running him into the ground the way, say, the Superman films ran Lex Luthor into the ground until the bald villain became utterly annoying.

Tom Hiddleston in Thor (2011) Movie Image