Tom Welling is Superman, Motion Capture for JLA Movie Update

The guys over at IESB, who has been plugged in to the studio system for some time and have gotten a lot of very good (and confirmed) bits about pretty much everything before anyone else does, brings you two more bits about the Justice League movie. The film itself seems to be steam-rolling towards production, so any doubt that it will get made seems to have vanished now. The big news out of the IESB world is that Tom Welling, the star of the WB’s “Smallville” show (which tells the story of a young Superman before he picks up the mantle of Superman), has been approached by Warner Bros. to carry the role onto the big screen as … Superman.

Get ready Smallville fans, your fantasies of Tom Welling in a cape are getting ready to come true. Yes that’s right, Tom Welling, TV’s Clark Kent, has been approached to take up the Superman role in the Justice League film. This has been a hope of Smallville fans for years and all indications are that WB has finally heard the call.

We contacted Tom Welling’s reps over at CAA and were quickly (and I mean quickly!) transferred to the PR department of theatrical releases for comment, we are waiting on an official comment at this time.

The thing about this is, IESB has gotten pretty much EVERYTHING right when it comes to the Justice League movie, so I’m going to take their word for it.

And then there’s this about the reported motion-capture aspect of the Justice League movie, which should make a lot of people breathe easier, me included:

The motion capture rumor that we received earlier this week caused us to do some deep digging on the JLA production. Here’s what we have found out. Yes there will be motion capture used in the film but it will not be an all out “motion capture production.” Heavy motion capture will be used for the OMACs, the underwater sequences and such. So, all in all, this will be a traditionally made film with some motion capture characters, pretty much like every big fantasy movie these days. So that appears to be the final word on that subject. Now onto the big stuff!


They also mention that they know who will be playing Batman in the JLA movie, but they need to confirm it.

Stay tune!

Tom Welling is Superman, Motion Capture for JLA Movie Update