Tom Wilkinson Probably Menacing Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger


I’m just going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing Tom Wilkinson’s role as “a railroad tycoon in the Old West who plays a prominent role” in Disney’s upcoming reboot of The Lone Ranger will mean he’s also the film’s main bad guy. I could be wrong, of course, but it’s a rare thing to find a good business tycoon in a Hollywood movie, much less one from “the Old West”. Usually they’re trying to steal land, lynching poor cowboys, or forcing Indians to give up their land for the evil railroad.

Variety has Wilkinson in talks for the role, which would mean starring opposite Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as Tonto’s sidekick, the Lone Ranger. I know what you’re thinking — wait, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Nope. This reboot will find Tonto being much more than just the sidekick, while young Armie Hammer gets all the credit. White folks, am I right, Tonto?

“The Lone Ranger” rides back onto the big screen December 21, 2012 with Gore Verbinski directing. Production is scheduled to start as soon as Depp wraps up his buddy Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Well the Dynamite comic had them more as partners and equals, which makes more sense, what has Tonto got to be thankful for of the Lone Ranger. In the comic Tonto saves Reid after he’s left or dead and he and his tribe nurse him back to health. They then set off on a journey of justice against those who do wrong, with Tonto teaching Reid some tracking skills along the way. I can see that.

    • Nix

      Pretty sure they won’t be adapting the comic book, and pretty sure Depp isn’t playing a movie where he’s anything but the unquestionable lead.

      • Dedpool

        I dunno. He will still get top billing of course, but I can see him playing a more equal role in the film. He’s a very down to Earth person, and a gracious actor. For something like this I don’t ee ego being a big issue. He’s already the lead of one Disney franchise, so he doesn’t really need to be the lead so much as make the character important and cared for. I’m sure he’ll steal the show but still I don’t see them getting equal screen time as impossible. And I doubt they’re adapting the comic, but they’re already going along those lines. I didn’t think they’d follow the comic exactly but draw from its more realistic take on the myhtos.

        • Juggernaut

          That’s the way I see it. I’m sure that they’ll incorporate all aspects of the characters history, (the radio series, movie serials, films and even the comics).
          As far as Depp’s role, I think that like you said, he’ll be more of a scene stealer thatn the lead. Like Kato was in the Green Hornet movie.