Tony Gilroy Will Helm the Shaky Cam for Bourne 4

Though honestly, here’s hoping Tony Gilroy (left) dispenses with the “oh God I think I’m gonna barf” shaking camera of Paul Greengrass, the director of the previous two “Bourne” films (or three, considering his last movie, “Green Zone” with Matt Damon, was essentially “Bourne in Iraq” anyway).

Deadline reports that Gilroy, who is known primarily as a writer and script fixer before breaking through with the drama “Michael Clayton” in 2007 (he followed that up with the less successful “Duplicity” in 2009), is currently in negotiations to direct “Bourne 4”, which Universal has scheduled for 2012 or thereabouts.

It’s not like Gilroy is new to the “Bourne” world, as he’s had a hand in writing all three previous pictures in the highly lucrative franchise. The series has combined to make over $944 million worldwide, with the last one, 2007’s “The Bourne Ultimatum” checking in with $442 million.

The only issue standing in the way of “Bourne: Legacy” fighting its way to a big screen near you? Matt Damon. The franchise star has repeatedly said that he wouldn’t return without Paul Greengrass behind the camera, but that was then, and this is now. And let’s face it, actors always say that. Once upon a time, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he wouldn’t do a “Terminator” movie without James Cameron, too, didn’t he?

Besides, if he were to come back, Damon could probably call his own paycheck. I’m sure he would say No to that. Riiiiiiiight. This is, after all, a big-budget action-adventure franchise; it’s not exactly “arthouse” moviemaking, is it?

'Matt Damon!!!!!!!!!!!!!'