Tony Jaa and Ong Bak 3 Set to Rattle Skulls in 2010

I have to admit, as much as I like Tony Jaa and the “Ong Bak” franchise, part two left me a little … cold. To be sure, there were plenty of ass kickery going on. Okay, not plenty, there were LOTS of jaws being broken, heads being cracked, knees being put to faces, and poor Thai stuntmen wishing they had a union. And when you have all that, you’re set, right? Eh, maybe not so much. I never thought I’d say this, but sometimes too much action gets in the way of a movie. (Someone shoot me! I’m going crazy!)

In any case, with “Ong Bak 2: The Beginning” set to debut in the States in limited release this month, word from Twitch is that production on an “Ong Bak 3” is already in full swing to meet an early 2010 release date. Besides that — well, not much else is known. For such a high-profile project, it’s interesting how quiet the production has been.

The plot for the third movie is unknown (heh heh, yeah, plot for an “Ong Bak” movie, just go with it), but it appears they are reusing some of the expensive sets constructed for the first movie, which would seem to indicate that “Ong Bak 3” will be some kind of direct sequel to part two. As you may know, part two and part one really had no connection besides the title and Tony Jaa starring in the first, then directing, starring, and catering the second. In fact, Jaa’s “The Protector” aka “Tom Yum Goong” was also titled “Ong Bak 2” in some foreign markets.

Though considering the flaky nature of Tony Jaa on “Ong Bak 2”, the producers might be wise to give someone else control over the set from the very beginning this time around. Regardless of the storyline for “Ong Bak 3”, or who returns to direct or star, you can expect plenty of Thai heads being busted, kicked, punched, poked, and cracked open like watermelons for our viewing pleasure.

Die, Thai stuntman, die! Muahahahaha!

Die, Thai stuntman, die! Muahahahaha!