Tony Jaa: King of the Ass Kickers in any Era

Tony Jaa in Ong Bak 2 (2008) Movie Image

You want plot? How’s this for plot: Tony Jaa plays an orphan who gets involved with some martial arts masters who teaches him everything he knows and then Tony Jaa goes around beating the living beJesus out of everyone and anyone. How’s that for plot? Check out some ass-kicking clips form the movie below. “Ong Bak 2: The Beginning” will be released by Magnolia in select cities October 23rd. Click here for theaters and showtimes.

Martial arts superstar Tony Jaa stars in and directs this epic tale of revenge set hundreds of years in the past. Featuring a huge cast and hordes of elephants, this prequel takes Jaa’s skills to the next level, showcasing him as a master of a wide range of martial arts styles – while proving him to be a promising director as well.

Starring Tony Jaa, Sorapong Chatree, Sarunyu Wongkrachang, Nirut Sirichanya, Santisuk Promsiri, Primorata Dejudom, and directed by Tony Jaa.