Tony Jaa Still Bustin’ Heads in a New U.S. Trailer for The Protector 2

Tony Jaa in The Protector 2 (2013) Movie Image

The RZA versus Tony Jaa? Yeah, I’m gonna go with the Thai guy. Check out a new U.S. trailer for director Prachya Pinkaew’s “The Protector 2,” the follow-up to his and Jaa’s “Tom Yum Goong,” aka “The Protector.” The sequel finds the Thai dynamo running around, well, somewhere. The point is, he’s still kicking, punching, kneeing, and elbowing the crap out of everyone. Seriously, dude is violent! But hey, that’s how you gotta be these days with these bad guys. Amirite?

I’m personally not sure what the hell the plot is all about (what, he’s an assassin, too?), but Todd Rigney knows, cause he already reviewed the film here.

Boss Suchart is the owner of an elephant camp. When he is murdered, all evidence points to Kham (Tony Jaa), who was seen with the victim before he died. Kham is forced to run as the police launch a pursuit. Meanwhile, the twin nieces of Boss Suchart (Jija Yanin Wismitanan and Teerada Kittisiriprasert) are out for revenge. But luck is on Kham’s side when he runs into Sergeant Mark (Mum Jokmok), an agent sent to Thailand on a secret mission. In another twist, Kham is drawn into an underground fighting ring run by LC (RZA), a crime lord who’s obsessed with collecting top-class martial artists. LC’s fighters are branded by numbers, such as the lethal, beautiful Twenty (Ratha Pho-ngam) and the diabolical No. 2 (Marrese Crump). These fighters are ordered to capture Kham for a special mission.

Starring Tony Jaa, RZA, Mum Jokmok, Marrese Crump, Jija Yanin Wismitanan, Ratha Pho-ngam, Kazu Patric Tang, Kalp Hongratanaporn, and David Ismalone.

Kneeing fools in theaters this May 9th.

The Protector 2 (2013) Movie Poster