Tony Soprano Vs. Teenage Assassins

James Gandolfini and Saoirse Ronan are both joining the cast of “Violet and Daisy”, an indie drama about teenage hitgirls. The film marks the directorial debut of Geoffrey Fletcher, who won an Oscar for adapting “Precious”.

“Violet and Daisy” centers on a pair of teenage assassins who are lured into what is supposed to be just another quick and easy job, only to find complications as the man (Gandolfini) they’re supposed to kill is not whom they expected. Ronan is to play one of the hitgirls, and Gandolfini the target of the assassins.

This set up sounds promising. A bunch of adolescent assassins running around killing people could prove to be wildly entertaining, but I can’t help but think that the emphasis will be more on weighty emotional drama and less on miniature killers going after Tony Soprano. But for now I will remain optimistic and chose to believe that this might be awesome. The film will begin shooting later this month.