Tony Stark Tops Forbes List of Highest Paid Actors in 2013

Robert Downey Jr.

What’s that saying? The rich gets richer?

2013 isn’t quite over yet, but that hasn’t stopped Forbes from compiling a list of the ten highest paid Hollywood actors for the year. Topping the list is Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., which makes a lot of sense since he plays a billionaire on the big screen. RDJ isn’t coming anywhere close to his cinematic alter ego’s billions, of course, but topping the Forbes list with $75 million, most of that from “The Avengers”, ain’t bad, either.

In a bit of a shocker, though, Channing Tatum comes in a close second with $60 million, almost all of those buckaroos coming from his work in front of the camera and behidn-the-scenes on Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike”, a movie that was based loosely on Tatum’s own short career as a male stripper. Apparently Tatum and Soderbergh financed the film’s $7 million price tag themselves, and as a result reaped the rewards when the film hit it big, earning over $167 million worldwide. Up next: “Magic Mike 2”, a Broadway play based on the movie, and if all goes well, Magic Mike underoos. (That last part isn’t true. Or is it?)

Hugh Jackman came in third with $55 million, thanks to the success of “Les Miserable” and a variety of businesses he’s involved in, while Mark Wahlberg takes the fourth spot with $52 million and Dwayne Johnson fills out the Top 5 at #5 and $46 million for 2013.

Here’s how the 10 highest paid actors in Hollywood shook out when all the checks were cashed and the ten percents were paid out.

1. Robert Downey Jr. $75 Million
2. Channing Tatum $60 Million
3. Hugh Jackman $55 Million
4. Mark Wahlberg $52 Million
5. Dwayne Johnson $46 Million
6. Leonardo DiCaprio $39 Million
7. Adam Sandler $37 Million
8. Tom Cruise $35 Million
9. Denzel Washington $33 Million
10. Liam Neeson $32 Million