Tony Todd Will Return for Final Destination 5

I distinctively remember Tony Todd being in the first “Final Destination” movie, then according to he showed up again in part three, but only as a voice character. His character is listed as “Devil”, but honestly, like most of the “Final Destination” movies, actors are secondary to the kills. Though I do recall that Mary Elizabeth Winstead was in part three, and even then she was already destined for better roles.

All that is to say that Todd himself has apparently confirmed that he will be returning for a third go-around in “Final Destination 5”, or as it’s being called, “5nal Destination”.

I shit you not. Some suit at the studio actually came up with that. “5nal Destination”. Yowsers.

In any case, part five will be directed by Steven Quale from a script by current “it” horror writer of the moment Eric Heissere (he’s penned remakes of “The Thing” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”), and will star a bunch of cannon fodder — er, I mean, actors you’ve never heard of, including Nicholas D’Agosto, Ellen Wroe, Meghan Ory, David Koechner, Miles Fisher and Arlen Escarpeta.

Okay, you might have heard of D’Agosto (below), who had a recurring role in a season of “Heroes” playing Claire’s flying boyfriend. The rest, though, were probably hired for a combination of good looks and cheap salary demands. I’m not saying they won’t have a whole lot to do, but you know, this is a “Final Destination” movie after all, so there ain’t a whole lot to do except get into position to be killed off one by one.

Part five is set for August 26th, 2011, and will be coming to you in — of course — 3D.

'Hi, I'm Nicholas D'Agosto. I played Claire's boyfriend on Heroes, remember?'