Top 10 Marvel Movie Franchise: Phase One Moments

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Marvel Studios Franchise Moments

With Marvel now in full swing on their Phase Two films, it was time to look back at what’s come before. So, here are the Top 10 movie franchise moments from Marvel’s Phase One films.

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Author: Ed Zarnawski

Ed Zarnawski (aka Juggernaut) lives in Bucks County PA. with his lovely wife and daughter. His likes are comic book films, action movies and the horror genre, basically anything awesome. His dislikes are anything that sucks.
  • X_p

    another list???? i hope this site doesnt turn into another site that only does lists all the time…
    they can be kind of sophomoric, dont you think?

    • Dedpool

      Lists are fun man! Besides it’s not like there’s a whole lot of pressing entertainment news out there at the moment, AND it’s members that are doing these mostly.

      • X_p

        ya i hear ya, its not a knock on Juggsy at all i think ive just been caught on too many 4am list binges myself

  • Dedpool

    Spot on Juggy! As I knew it would be. I’m just in the process of ranking my choices with my boy Virg. We did that one togehter.

    • Juggernaut

      When I started putting the list together I saw how many moments there were from The Avengers. It kinda mad me want to do a list of just Avengers moments. Sorry X_p

      • X_p

        haha no worries man, i actually read it and its pretty good list. i would prob add a few more like that scene in avengers when tony lands and the robots remove his suit as hes walking, or that time when the helicarrier took off from the water or that time when you saw loki in full suit with helmet and you didnt die laughing…

  • Rcebanks

    One moment that stayed with me was in “Thor” when Thor was on earth and he spotted his faithful hammer, Mjölnir in the storming rainy scene in the make shift research facility. He tries to lift the hammer from its resting place only to realize he isnt worthy. He looks up to the sky in anger screaming “why!?”to the heavens at his father. He then gives up, being arrested and carried away by s.h.i.e.l.d.

    • Juggernaut

      That one was on my list but was cut. There are so many great scenes that listing all would be impossible. The scene in Avengers when Thor and Hulk are fighting on the hellicarrier and Hulk gets cracked in the face by Mjolnir in slow motion was incredible (pun intended!). In the same scene when hulk tries to lift Mjolnir but can’t was great too.

  • John Taylor

    Hulk in the Avengers had one great moment not mentioned. Hulk walking away from Loki and unttering “puny god”. Of course, there was also Capt. America giving out the team’s assignments. “and Hulk . . . Smash”.

  • Joe Gonzo

    You cant forget the scene of the Hulk beating the crap out of Loki….

  • K Turney

    My two favorite moments are Hulk-based within THE AVENGERS. Cap assigns each member a task to defeat the cosmic army, and when he gets to the Hulk (whom, for the first time, Bruce Banner CHOSE to become), he says, “and Hulk”, pauses, Hulk spins toward him with visible anger (you’re gonna tell ME what to do?), and then Cap says, “smash”. Hulk smiles.
    The other is when Loki berates Hulk on top of the Stark Tower. Loki demands that Hulk treat him as a God, and Hulk simply grabs Loki by the ankles and smashes him over and over into the concrete. He drops Loki and walks away, saying “puny God”. And then, to put a button on the moment, we hear a small, pitiful squeak from Loki.
    Great, crowd-pleasing moments in the Marvel Universe.