Top 10 Superman Movie Franchise Moments So Far…

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Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder in Superman (1978) Movie Image


This is the first time that we see Clark use his powers and don the suit. Clark hurries to a nearby phone booth, does a quick change and in a flash races to the aid of the descending chopper and effortlessly saves Lois, the crew and the bystanders below from certain death.

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Author: Ed Zarnawski

Ed Zarnawski (aka Juggernaut) lives in Bucks County PA. with his lovely wife and daughter. His likes are comic book films, action movies and the horror genre, basically anything awesome. His dislikes are anything that sucks.
  • ErickKwon

    I suppose at the end of the day, Nuclear Man was a pretty cool enemy, but I think the airplane catch from “Returns” should rate higher. It was the best action scene from that movie, and the first time we got a taste of Superman in the digital age of effects.

    • Juggernaut

      I really think that had the studio used some of the comics for inspiration instead of doing whatever the hell they felt like doing part III and IV could have been decent. The made up characters of Ross and Vera Webster could have been substituted with comic characters like Bruno Manheim, Morgan Edge or Alex Evell with J. Wilbur Wolfingham or Dabney Donovan being used instead of the studio created Gus Gorman.
      As for part IV they could have easily replaced the studio created Nuclear Man character with an actual character like Bizzaro, Parasite, Coduit, Chemo or even lesser known comic villiains like Neutron or Atlas. It was just really lazy and ill-informed decisions that made the plots of the last two installments so lame.

      • ErickKwon

        I really wonder why Warners (and later Cannon) were so hesitant to use established villains other than Luthor and the Kryptonians. And I doubt it was a rights issue since we’re talking about the stone age of comic book movie adaptations

        • Dedpool

          Most likely budget and special effects. Were probably scared at how bad a Metallo, or Brianiac or Bizarro would look and how much it would cost to make them look good.

  • Dedpool

    Great list. Though kinda hard to argue with since they mostly came from Superman 1 and 2, though the Airplane scene from Returns was pretty damned cool. I would’ve put the catching the truck in Returns as a runner up as the scene was an homage to the classic Action Comics cover with him holding the truck, or catching the globe.

  • PK68

    Superman 4 should be nowhere on this list.

  • Online72

    There’s that moment when you realize this movie you waited for is not going to get any better. I remember this being the first movie I was so tempted to just walk out of before it was over.

  • DJRickyV

    No MoS moments (yeah it’s not a franchise…yet)? The rescue from the oil rig beats Nuclear Man any day. No Smallville moments (yeah it’s not a movie)? The series finale reveal also beats Nuclear Man any day. C’mon!

    • Juggernaut

      This list was put together a week before Man Of Steel opened. Quite honestly I could pick ten moments from MOS that would blow these ten moments out of the water. As for Smallville I did not include it because it was a television show and not part of the Superman movie franchise. However, Smallville did deliver some very cool and very memorable scenes throughout its run.

  • Allister Cooper

    That guy in the window on picture number 8 looks logically like Spock…