Top 10 X-Men Movie Franchise Moments So Far…

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The X-Men have had plenty of great moments, but here are our Top 10 moments from the X-Men movie franchise so far.

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Author: Ed Zarnawski

Ed Zarnawski (aka Juggernaut) lives in Bucks County PA. with his lovely wife and daughter. His likes are comic book films, action movies and the horror genre, basically anything awesome. His dislikes are anything that sucks.
  • Rcebanks23

    One moment which always stuck in my head in the franchise was in X2, when Wolverine faces off with Lady Deathstrike in the facility toward the end of the movie. I cant believe that wasnt on this list. shame, shame, shame.

    • Juggernaut

      Same goes for the Deathstrike/ Wolvie showdown. It was cool but not cool enough. In my opinion. Although her being filled with admantium until she died was pretty bad ass.

  • BakesBud420

    you make THIS list and don’t include the Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike scene in X2?!?!? THAT was probably the BEST scene in the 4 movie franchise. Claws vs claws. Super-healing powers vs. super-healing powers. KELLY HU!!! C’mon Man!

  • Rodrigo Diaz

    I would add in X-Men Part One when the Blackbird take off from the X Mansion. Soooo cooool.

  • AJH

    This list, for me, was spot on! Another top movie from the series for me would be the brief glimpse we get of the Phoenix Force at the end of X2. I remember flipping out over that because the Phoenix Saga was one of my favorite story arcs from the comics. I was ultimately disappointed by how it ended up unfolding in the following film.

  • CyclopsX

    magneto scapping the plastic prison.. COme ON..

  • X-Fan

    Also love Azazels attack scene in first class and Banshee finally flying threw the air.I really hope to see Archangel,Cyclops, and Colossus have some great action scene at some point and more gambit, and night crawler. I also want to see new characters like Beak,Sinister,Apocalypse,Scarlett Witch,Psylocke,Husk,Chamber,Omega Red, and Stacy-X. i HOPE TO SEE RETURNING CHARACTERS OF ALL THE previous films at some point too like Blob,Sabretoothe(etc)

  • Toks

    Must say this is a very very decent list indeed. But their has to be a place for Magneto’s ice cold neck crushing of Emma Frost in her diamond form (in X-Men First Class) and then leaving her in a fragile state for questioning.

  • Jami Pawlowski

    Yay! finally Nightcrawler gets the spotlight! I wish he could be in an upcoming x-men movie. i mean… they kinda never even explained where he went??