Top 5 ’80s Cartoons That May Never Get the Hollywood Treatment — But Should

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Eighties Goodness

If you grew up watching cartoons during the eighties then you’ve no doubt noticed how some of that period’s most beloved shows are now being turned into Hollywood blockbusters. What with the sequel to the Transformers movie and GI Joe coming to theaters soon, and Thundercats and Voltron just looming over the horizon, those of us who’re wetting our pants in anticipation will have more than enough to aid in our reversion to childhood. So then how about those other shows that were on during that same timeframe? You know, all the derivative copycat cartoons that jumped on the bandwagon of existing for the sole purpose of selling toys?

Not ringing any bells? Maybe this list will jog your memory then…

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Author: Basil Murad

  • ozmosis

    what no dino riders

  • Will Stutts

    what was that show that had guys with transportational tech armor? like there was this guy that basically had armor that made him look like a miniature jet. other characters had like tank armor, jeep wheels and other things like that.

  • Parnik

    About MASK and the flying DeLorean…..FFS !!! Its a CAMRO !!!!

  • Will

    Pirates of Dark Water would be a great film

  • CplHicksJr

    What about “Bionic Six”?

    • Dedpool

      Great Toon, not sure how it would work with the kids and all.

    • john

      good call that was a great show

  • PhoenixSouvenir

    XO Squad was serious.

  • Knight121198

    Uyleses 31, jayce and the wheeled warriors. No? come on people why miss these two kick ass shows.

  • Scrameustache

    Watch out for “Cobra”, a classic futuristic manga directed by Alexandre Aja. It should make for a hell of an action flick.

    • jgutierrez81

      dude…wait you mean space cobra right? i thought i was the only one that had seen that one. i loved that show..

  • chris

    gobots were the origan idea then hasbro bought the idea and changed it to transformers for western culture

  • Guy

    If they were movies they would probably get Micheal Bayed…… -__-