Top 5 ’80s Cartoons That May Never Get the Hollywood Treatment — But Should

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Eighties Goodness

If you grew up watching cartoons during the eighties then you’ve no doubt noticed how some of that period’s most beloved shows are now being turned into Hollywood blockbusters. What with the sequel to the Transformers movie and GI Joe coming to theaters soon, and Thundercats and Voltron just looming over the horizon, those of us who’re wetting our pants in anticipation will have more than enough to aid in our reversion to childhood. So then how about those other shows that were on during that same timeframe? You know, all the derivative copycat cartoons that jumped on the bandwagon of existing for the sole purpose of selling toys?

Not ringing any bells? Maybe this list will jog your memory then…

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Author: Basil Murad

  • ThePostamnsRifle

    If ever there was a cartoon that could be remade, and remade well, it’s this one:

  • Dorothy Bellion

    you forgot “battle of the planets” . That should definitely be made into a film ….

  • Stoner_Luke

    Dino riders man!

  • surethom

    Battle of the Planets & Defenders of the Earth

  • dominick

    captain scarlet and ultraman need movies.

  • Angel Rivera

    I loved spiral zone. I didn’t remember the name, so I spent a couple of hours searching in Wikipedia by clicking to the list of 1980s cartoon and clicked every single entry until I found it…

  • ChrisB

    Are you kidding me with this list of crap? Johnny Quest was the most entertaining, scientifically advanced and intelligent Saturday morning cartoon ever produced. JQ would be a terrific opportunity for actors to actually exhibit their skills and be supported by CGI Instead of the current mode of CGI supported by mannequins with shlock dialog.

    • Dedpool

      JQ was awesome! The reboot (minus the VR stuff) was actually really well done in my opinion. There was talk about bringing this to the big screen but it never went anywhere.

  • tbone

    No Pinky and the Brain?

  • Andre’ B

    I am totally surprised you mentioned SilverHawks but not Galaxy Rangers. But the team brain is a black guy so that will never go into production.

    • Dedpool

      Galaxy Rangers was awesome but it would be pretty darned hokey as a film if it isn’t completely re-imagined.

  • Andre’ B

    Bionic Six was the sh@# as well but again the team brain was a black guy. YOu know hollywood doesn’t like that….