Top 5 ’80s Cartoons That May Never Get the Hollywood Treatment — But Should

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Eighties Goodness

If you grew up watching cartoons during the eighties then you’ve no doubt noticed how some of that period’s most beloved shows are now being turned into Hollywood blockbusters. What with the sequel to the Transformers movie and GI Joe coming to theaters soon, and Thundercats and Voltron just looming over the horizon, those of us who’re wetting our pants in anticipation will have more than enough to aid in our reversion to childhood. So then how about those other shows that were on during that same timeframe? You know, all the derivative copycat cartoons that jumped on the bandwagon of existing for the sole purpose of selling toys?

Not ringing any bells? Maybe this list will jog your memory then…

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Author: Basil Murad

  • ralph wiggum

    no Robotek, seriously?

    • Dedpool

      Macross (the original Japanese show that Robotech is anamalgam of) would probably be a better choice, unless they mixed ideas from both.

  • Nelson

    I think T-Cats and S-Hawks have the same producers. there was even a crossover episode.

    • Dedpool

      Definitely the same production company, and used same voice actors in many of the similar parts, i.e. Lion-O and Quicksilver were voiced by the same guy, and Mumm-Ra and MonStar were voiced by same guy.

    • Optimu$ Prime

      I never knew ThunderCats & Silver Hawks had a crossover episode!!? …
      While looking it up now, I came across news that ThunderCats, Silver Hawks & Tiger Sharks would be in the same universe in the newer versions of the cartoons (episode 7 “legacy”)

  • Optimu$ Prime

    … “Mask” (phony GI Joes) … “GoBots” (the bootleg Transformers!!) … “Spiral Zone” in your #1 spot …………………………. Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and mention “Silver Hawks” & “Visionaries” and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF! ;)

    Honorable mentions: Brave Star, Centurions, Thunder cats, Thunder birds, TMNT, etc.

    … Just thinking about all these childhood classics, got me wishin’ I still had the toys!
    (has anyone seen my “MadBalls”??)

  • n0dn0d

    centurions, bravestarr, galaxy rangers

  • Manu

    M.A.S.K. rulez!

  • cala mar

    In America you didn’t have japanese cartoons such as Jeeg or Goldrake/Grendizer or Mazinga. In italy and in Europe they were a great success and lots of people would like to see them on a movie.

  • UMAR

    BIONIC 6

  • UMAR

    Wasnt there a show called gactic rangers or something. Literally had robot horses that converted to jet bike type things?

    • Dedpool

      Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers!! Great time!

  • Electrichotdog

    I didnt really care for SIlver Hawks. It was too silver and dull gray.

  • Guest

    Whatever 80s cartoon you have mentioned, I would definitely choose Galaxy Rangers, The Snorks and Defenders Of The Earth as my Top 3 80s Quick Picks and The Shirt Tales and Galaxy High as my Bottom 2 80s Quick Picks for the Hollywood Treatment. We already had The Smurfs in 2011 and 2013, so why not The Snorks as it’s predecessor? Please put all 5 of those 80s Toons on the Movie Marquee!