Top 5 ’80s Cartoons That May Never Get the Hollywood Treatment — But Should

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Eighties Goodness

If you grew up watching cartoons during the eighties then you’ve no doubt noticed how some of that period’s most beloved shows are now being turned into Hollywood blockbusters. What with the sequel to the Transformers movie and GI Joe coming to theaters soon, and Thundercats and Voltron just looming over the horizon, those of us who’re wetting our pants in anticipation will have more than enough to aid in our reversion to childhood. So then how about those other shows that were on during that same timeframe? You know, all the derivative copycat cartoons that jumped on the bandwagon of existing for the sole purpose of selling toys?

Not ringing any bells? Maybe this list will jog your memory then…

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Author: Basil Murad

  • Ronie1478

    What about The Galaxy Rangers?

  • Ronald Migahil

    What about:
    1) Battle of the Plants Gforce – (Gforce – Gatchaman)
    2) Robotech
    3) Captain Raimar
    4) Space Battleship Yamato

    These are really cool cartoons!!

    • Dedpool

      Battle of the Planets is in development hell. Was being made by Imagi the people that did “TMNT” and “Astro Boy” but those didn’t do great and the company kinda tanked. Robotech isn’t a real cartoon but an amalgam like Voltron, but that being said last I heard Tobey Maguire was trying to get that done. Don’t know Captain Raimar. And Space battleship Yamato just got made by Japan
      Robotech w

  • Rikkisixx 69

    How about Technoman/Tekkaman Blade?? Now THAT would make an awesome movie… imo..

  • Rikkisixx 69

    and yes, i just stumbled on this thread.. a year

  • 123

    What about ROBOTECH?

  • Del Piero

    1- Thundercats
    2- Thundercats
    3- Thundercats
    4- Thundercats
    5 mmm let me think about it, Thundercats I guess

  • Cthulhu

    The only good one of the bunch was SilverHawks. That one has movie potential. You want a cartoon to turn into a movie? Try the Herculoids.

  • Doug West

    Out of context but – “The Mighty Heroes”!!!

  • 80sFan

    Wheeled Warriors
    Power Lords

  • Lester Baes

    Gobots has been done before (aka TF).

    MASK will not work as a live action movie. It’ll end up like some James Bond car/Automan/Knight Rider cliche movie.

    Silverhawks is too hokey and would be too expensive to produce.

    Visionaries could be good.

    Spiral Zone not so much. Might turn out like some resident evil apocalypse-type movie.

    These cartoons, except for Gobots, are great with arguably some of the best intros ever. But this article could have gotten better candidates for movies. Great cartoons do not translate to great movies.

    • Lester Baes

      Personally, I think the following cartoons have great premises for a live action movie:

      1. 80s Dungeons & Dragons (gang of kids transported to another dimension thru a roller coaster, given magical weapons and try to get home)

      2. Macross (legendary alien flying fortress/weapon crash landing on Earth prompting an alien invasion and leading to self-exile from Earth to protect the planet plus there’s a very interesting love triangle between key characters: the actresst, the hot shot rookie and the uptight second-in-command)

      3. Gatchaman (G-Force) – ninja assassins in a technological thriller. are they already making this? if not, they should.

      4. Starblazers (humanity makes an all-in gamble to save Earth with Battleship Yamato)

      5. Captain N and the Game Master (live-action Link, Metroid, Megaman, Castlevania’s Simon Belmont. It’s video games’ Avengers)

      **I would have included Voltron, Daimos, Grendizer, Voltes V and the like but I think Pacific Rim will already fill this void.

      • Dedpool

        Captain N? Really? I thought that was a cheesy show and idea even when I was a kid watching it. And seeing how we’d have to use a WII or WII U to make it relevant, and half those charcters are unknown to this generation it wouldn’t work. A new updated cartoon in that format MIGHT work but doubt it.

        Gatchaman was being done by Imagi entertainment but that fell aparrt when I think the company had issues.I still want it made though as the concept art and both the animation on “TMNT” and “Astro boy” were pretty good.

        Starblazers was made in Japan and did okay. I haven’t seen it though.

        I’d love Macross, with a more military focus but definitely need some of that drama.

        And the 80’s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon would actually work really well, throw in references to some RPG video games and such and it’d be perfect.