Top 5 Films where Nicolas Cage loses his SHIT!

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4.  “Kiss of Death” (1995)

You would think that a film would be nutball heaven with Cage AND Samuel L. Jackson in it, but no.  Jackson plays the straight cop while Cage plays the psychotic mobster “Little” Junior Brown.  Cage gets to go all out in this and is genuinely threatening.  The scene of him using a stripper for weight lifting and asks “Damn, how much have you been eatin’?”  is classic as well as hilarious!  If you are a fan of Cage, Jackson, or hell even David Caruso (Who I feel is terrible and miscast), it’s a solid undercover cop flick.

“I hate the taste of metal in my mouth”…WTF???

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  • t00117598

    Really, no Leaving Las Vegas.

    • Lazz82

      He really didn’t “Lose his shit” he was just *SPOILER ALET* Drinking himself to death…one of his greatest performances…yes…just not for losing his shit.

  • Guesssst

    Really no The Wicker Man?

    • Lazz82

      Hence the honorable mention at the end…: )

  • Tykittaa

    Aw, and no mention of the pharmacy scene from Matchstick Men?

  • Cambu515