Top 5 Films where Nicolas Cage loses his SHIT!

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3.  “Ghost Rider:  Spirit of Vengeance” (2012)

Like I said earlier, the best parts of the original GR were the transformation scenes, well in GR: SOV, these scenes are AMPED to 13!  The movie just flows better and the director’s gave Cage free reign to the character and that made the movie at least a little closer to the source material.  No more stupid southern accent, no more jelly beans, and NO cowboy hat!  The only thing that wasn’t “Ghost Rider-y” was that there was NO love interest and Johnny Blaze has always been a romantic (even if he had a demon inside of him).  Is this film perfect?  Even as a comic film it has flaws, but is a VAST improvement in tone and execution than the original.  Hell, at least the filmmakers let Cage perform the Ghost Rider bits and not some stunt guy, kudos for that!

“HELL Yes!”

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  • t00117598

    Really, no Leaving Las Vegas.

    • Lazz82

      He really didn’t “Lose his shit” he was just *SPOILER ALET* Drinking himself to death…one of his greatest performances…yes…just not for losing his shit.

  • Guesssst

    Really no The Wicker Man?

    • Lazz82

      Hence the honorable mention at the end…: )

  • Tykittaa

    Aw, and no mention of the pharmacy scene from Matchstick Men?

  • Cambu515