Top 5 Films where Nicolas Cage loses his SHIT!

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“You DO NOT WANT to make me lose my cigarette!!!!”

Nicolas Cage is the MAN!!!  Even in bad movies, the man can act.  If you are a fan or not, you cannot deny that the man has acting chops.  Do I think he does things just for a paycheck?  Hell, yes! “Gone in 60 Seconds” and “Nation Treasure” are key examples of this.  But it seems when he is doing a not-so-mainstream film, he goes batshit CRAZY!  Hell, the best part of the original “Ghost Rider” was the transformation scenes, other than that, the movie was sub-par (and this is from an avid GR fan!). 

But for pure Cage- going-nutz goodness, you have to catch these films…

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  • t00117598

    Really, no Leaving Las Vegas.

    • Lazz82

      He really didn’t “Lose his shit” he was just *SPOILER ALET* Drinking himself to death…one of his greatest performances…yes…just not for losing his shit.

  • Guesssst

    Really no The Wicker Man?

    • Lazz82

      Hence the honorable mention at the end…: )

  • Tykittaa

    Aw, and no mention of the pharmacy scene from Matchstick Men?

  • Cambu515