Top 5 Steven Seagal Movie Babes

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#5. Sharon Stone (Role: Seagal’s Wife in “Above the Law”)

Back in 1988, a good 4 years before she pulled a Britney Spears in the movies before Britney Spears even thought of it, Sharon Stone had to dance with some pretty tough cinematic dudes. There was Carl Weathers in “Action Jackson”, Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Total Recall”, and Dylan McDermott in “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie”. Okay, so maybe not so much Dylan McDermott, but the rest, most definitely. And you can add Steven Seagal to that list of tough guys who have had a go at Sharon Stone, playing the homely wife of Seagal’s tough guy cop Nico Toscani (!!) in 1988’s “Above the Law”. Stone never got to do anything particularly noteworthy in the film, but it’s a gas to realize that, once upon a time, Sharon Stone was not always cinema’s raunchiest sex bomb. How quaint.

In this scene from “Above the Law”, uber tough cop Nico shows his feminine side. All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Then later he went out and beat the crap out of 5 thugs and bitch slap 10 guys just standing about wondering what was going on. Suckers.

Sharon Stone with Steven Seagal in Above the Law

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