Top 5 Underappreciated Films of Dennis Quaid

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4.  Flight of the Phoenix (2004)

Although commercially unsuccessful, this film is pretty well executed in both directing and look; the acting is a little something to be desired.  Two actors that raise the film in this respect is Dennis Quaid and Hugh Laurie.  Quaid’s performance is your typical tough guy who is forced to lead a group of degenerates but Quaid throughout the years have perfected this part.  If you haven’t caught this film, it’s worth a rental or if you catch it on cable, it is a treat.

I think they need to clean the propellers!

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Author: Lazz82

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  • Romeo Garcia.

    I have switchback on DVD and for me is one of the best thrillers of the 90’s….This simple one of the best underated movies of all time!!!

    • Eizzy IceBorne

      Absolutely right, that thriller is one of the best of the 90’s and I also like “Pandorum”. The movie is fine space horror with everything good space horror needs.

  • justjoe

    Great article, Dennis Quaid is one of the actors who makes him even crappy movie (like Pandorum) interesting and fun to watch.

    • al

      Pandorum crappy?GTFO!

      • justjoe

        Yeah, just my opinion. The sets and the atmosphere were aces but the story was a mess. Too many moving parts and too much ideas thrown into the mix.

        • DevilMayhem666

          Its only a mess if they aren’t integrated well which it was.

  • Teamangle03

    I always thought Quaid was a more believable Doc Holliday. Great list

  • Juggernaut

    Dennis Quaid for Expendables 3!!!

    • Dedpool

      YES!!! He’d be the one that went and took a desk job and had a family!

      • Juggernaut

        Yep. My thoughts exactly.

        • Lazz82

          Dragonheart is Awesome!

          • Nix

            I saw Dragonheart on the big screen. It was indeed awesome. Plus Dina Meyer was dreamy.

  • Dedpool

    Loved Pandorum! What a mind trip! And I’m kinda mad Dragonheart isn’t on here but that’s because everyone knows that movie was awesome and he was awesome in it! LOL Great list I’m 100% in agreement, especially GIJoe

  • Debo4735

    What about the movies Frequency and Any Given Sunday? They were two really good, under appreciated movies.

    • Lazz82

      They were financially successful though, I was trying to do financially/critically unsuccessful, or just CRAP movies. Frequency was a critical and financial success, Any given Sunday was a great film but Dennis Quad kind of got lost in the shuffle with everyone else in it.

  • Tin Hoang

    I think Footloose should be on there!

  • Tin Hoang

    Everybody, Footloose!

  • Raaga666

    What about Innerspace? Joe Dante (and his regular bunch of character actors), Martin Short and Mmmmmeg Ryan?

    • Brent McKnight

      Innerspace is rad!

    • Lazz82

      “Innerspace” was critically acclaimed for the most part (even though audiences showed it little love during it’s run), so in that way it was “appreciated”

  • ErickKwon

    Nice shoutout to “Event Horizon” re: “Pandorum”. It almost felt like producer P.W.S. Anderson was doing a redux of his haunted house/spaceship gore-fest, but without the nightmare-inducing black box footage