Top 5 Underappreciated Films of Dennis Quaid

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This film IS NOT on the list!

Every artist has ups and downs in his career, actors and filmmakers are no different.  There are films that are unappreciated because of performance or execution, sometimes both.   This is a list of 5 films by an actor who has seen many ups and downs.  These are films that were either commercially or critically unappreciated, but not by the fault of the actors performance (In My Opinion). 

Here we go the Top 5 underappreciated films of DENNIS QUAID!

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Author: Lazz82

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  • Richard

    I think Enemy Mine belongs on this list.

    • Lazz82

      If I made a Top 10…would’ve DEFINITELY been in there..

    • Tin Hoang

      That was an appreciated film wasn’t it? Louis Gossett Jr should have gotten an oscar for acting!

      • Lazz82

        IT BOMBED commercially and reviews were mixed….no appreciation at all : (

  • Pennwryn

    What about “Savior”(1998), a terrific anti-war film with Quaid’s best performance ever. In fact several critics thought he was a shoo-in for an Oscar nom.

  • Lazz82

    Critics enjoyed it and so did audiences…it was fairly “appreciated”, hence not on the list. But it is a great flick!

  • Tred

    Nice list. Always been a fan of Quaid, and I still haven’t lost hope that one of these days, he’ll get the Oscar nom he deserves (he should definitely have gotten one for “Far from Heaven”). I remember seeing Switchback in theaters… well I was one of the few !

    • Lazz82

      “Far from heaven” is a classic and he should’ve gotten SOMETHING…someday…someday

  • watchyoureye

    dreamscape was awesome