Top Gun 2 is Probably Not Going to Happen, Top Gun 3D in Limbo

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun (1986) Movie ImageFans of Tony Scott’s “Top Gun” had a lot to look forward to in the coming years. There was that post-3D conversion of the original 1986 film that Paramount had commissioned as a way to re-introduce audiences to the high-flying world of Maverick and hotshot Navy fighter pilots. The 3D re-release of the movie was also meant to pave the way for a sequel that would have once again star Tom Cruise and be directed by Tony Scott.

Neither of those things might happen now.

As most of you already know, Tony Scott recently committed suicide, a shocking event for most people who knew the director. (Scott, for those of you who don’t know, is the brother of Ridley Scott, director of “Prometheus” and “Alien”.)

Beyond the personal implications of Scott’s suicide, it also impacted the professional by sending all things “Top Gun”-related into a tailspin. The results are now looking dire for the sequel, with most reports having the movie “fallen apart” as a result. As for the fate of the “Top Gun” 3D film that was supposed to be released back into theaters next year? That one’s in doubt, too.

Paramount probably spent about $20 million (give or take a few million) to post-convert the original “Top Gun”, so it seems doubtful they would just eat that cost. Unless, of course, people get all up in arms about it, then the studio might change its mind.

Honestly, though, I think going through with a “Top Gun 2” might be a pretty good way to honor Scott’s memory. What better way than to finish what he started?

Via : NYTimes