Top Gun Feels the Need. The Need for 3D.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun (1986) Movie ImageEverybody loves “Top Gun”. Who doesn’t love “Top Gun”? Commies and film snobs with plungers up their asses, that’s who. Enough people love “Top Gun” that recently there were confirmations that a sequel was in the works and fanboys didn’t get all uppity or nothin’.

Tony Scott’s 1986 movie “Top Gun” starred Tom Cruise as ace fighter pilot Maverick and pre-“ER” Anthony Edwards as his co-pilot Goose, as the duo went through top gun training, all the while romancing everything on two legs and playing volleyball shirtless with Val Kilmer. The film made an impressive $176 million domestically and $353 million worldwide when it was released over 25 years ago. I don’t know what that is when adjusted for inflation, but it’s gotta be pretty huge, since those are still pretty damn good numbers even if you don’t do any adjusting.

If you’re tired of seeing Maverick and Goose do their thing on the small screen (your only choice nowadays), you’re in luck, because Paramount plans on re-releasing the film theatrically — in 3D.

In a deal with post-conversion 3D company Legend3D, Paramount will be converting the film and re-releasing it back into theaters sometime in early 2012. It’s not an entirely bad deal for Paramount, since Legend3D will be picking up the tab for the conversion (something that would have cost them millions), in return for profit sharing from the movie’s re-release.

Obviously this means that if “Top Gun” does well as a 3D film, you can expect other studios to jump into the pool, since there’s nothing Hollywood loves more than a “new” idea — then beating it to death before moving on to the next “new” thing.

And that, let’s face it, is dangerous…