Total Recalling in Bangkok with Will Yun Lee

Will Yun Lee has been in plenty of Hollywood movies, usually as the “Asian sidekick” or the “Evil Asian Guy”, but I always thought the guy had some leading man stuff in him. (He sorta proved that a bit with a regular turn in the rebooted “Bionic Woman” pilot, playing Katee Sackhoff’s love interest.) He’s going to get the chance to really prove me right when he takes the lead in the Wych ‘Kaos’ Kaosayananda-directed drama “Bangkok Love Story”, which he’ll star opposite Camilla Belle as “a retired Muay Thai fighter-turned-monk who returns to the world he left behind many years ago.”

Hopefully the whole “drama” aspect of the movie won’t get in the way of some some bone-crunching, flying knee-to-the-face action. What’s a movie about a Muay Thai fighter, retired or not, without some wince-inducing flying knee action? Not a movie about a Muay Thai fighter, that’s for damn sure.

Before “Bangkok”, though, chances are Lee will probably play the Asian sidekick to Colin Farrell first in Len Wiseman’s “Total Recall” reboot. Variety says Lee will play “Marek, a close friend and co-worker of Colin Farrell’s protagonist” in the reboot.

And if that “Red Dawn” remake ever makes its way to the big screen, Lee will be playing one “Captain Lo” in that one. I’m guessing it’s another Evil Asian Guy role. But hey, someone’s gotta pay the mortgage, right? He’s also a semi-regular on the new “Hawaii Five-O”, where he plays the rascally Sang Min.