Totally Awesome-o: Chinese Bootleg DVD Cover for Ryan Gosling’s Drive

Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011) Movie Image

This … is awesome.

If you were watching Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” and hated it because there wasn’t enough gunplay, explosions, or Ryan Gosling running around with a P90 submachine gun AND a hunting rifle (with a big scope on top) slung over his back, then you weren’t the only one.

Check out what some Chinese DVD bootleggers slapped on the cover of an ill-got version of the Refn/Gosling film “Drive”. And is Gosling wearing some kind of muscle shirt there that shows off his impressive biceps? And who are those guys leaping from explosions? Or the two guys in the bottom left corner? They look like they were photosohpped from a bad ’70s or ’80s movie poster.

Well, at least they got the title and the main actors listed correctly. Although, if they were going to this far to sell the movie, why not just slap a couple of extra names? Maybe “Drive” starring Will Smith! Tom Cruise! And special appearance by Jet Li!

Drive's Chinese Bootleg DVD Cover

Via : Film Drunk