Tough Guys Kilmer, Rhames, and Goss Heading Seven Below

Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames, and Luke Goss are all tough guys, right? Or at least, they’ve done lots of tough guy roles in their careers. So how will the trio do when they’re trapped in a cabin and must battle what is described as a “ghostly time warp”? Sounds ominous. And ghostly.

Variety has the three actors (along with actress Rebecca De Costa) headlining the horror/thriller “Seven Below”, the plot of which goes something like this:

Story centers on a group of strangers brought together when a terrible storm leaves them stranded in a house in the woods where a terrible event transpired exactly 100 years prior. The group seems trapped in a ghostly time warp, and history is repeating itself.

Kevin Carraway is directing from a script he co-wrote with Lawrence Smith, with start of production set for next month in Cincinnati.

Note: Variety has the film co-starring “Rebecca De Costa”, but the only actress I could find on with a similar sounding name is one “Rebecca Da Costa”, who has apparently captivated one fan into creating this YouTube tribute: