Trades Confirm Statham in The Mechanic Remake

Variety has confirmed that Jason Statham will indeed star in a remake of the Charles Bronson hitman thriller “The Mechanic” for Nu Image/Millennium, with Simon West (“Con Air”) directing. The remake will be an updated version of the 1972 original starring Bronson as an aging hitman and Jan Michael Vincent as the young buck who becomes his protege. If you’ve never seen the original, check out the trailer for it here.

Still no word on what role Statham would play in the remake. He’s way too young to be the aging hitman, unless they change the storyline up quite a bit to accommodate his age, which would be kind of counterproductive. He would actually work as the protege, but as anyone who has seen the original knows, the protege is kind of a dick.

Filming is expected to start this Summer in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Below: Will someone please teach Jason how to use a razor before he kills himself?