Trailer and Dogfight Clip from The Red Baron

I’ve seen a couple of German war movies, and they always invariably end up being pretty much the same — the main character are always anti-war, and dragged into the war for purposes other than to, well, you know, rule the world. The latest is “The Red Baron”, which will get released Internationally as starring Lena Headey (“300” and current star of FOX’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles), although it’s about the life and times of the World War I German fighter ace the Red Baron. Here is the German trailer for the movie, as well as a 2-minute video showing the film’s stellar (and apparently very many) dogfight sequences. One word: Holy crap, World War I looked kinda fun! (I’m just kidding, of course, but the second video is pretty impressive.)

Starring Matthias Schweighoefer, Til Schweiger, Tino Mewes, Jan Josef Liefers, Lena Headey, and directed by Nikolai Muellerschoen.

It opens April 10, 2008 in Germany.

Some images from the movie:

The Red Baron

The Red Baron