Trailer and Images from Vicky Zhao’s Mulan

Hollywood beat the Chinese to the punch by bringing the legendary story of Mulan to the big screen first, but China isn’t just going to sit idly by and watch their legends be co-opted by the Western dogs. And thus, they’ve done their own version of the Mulan story, this time live-action, and with lots and lots of battle scenes and guys in armor running at each other. I.e. it’s time for another historical battle epic from China! And as most Chinese epics are wont to do, this one also stars Vicky Zhao. The girl has been in so many of these things in the last five years it’s ridiculous. The film’s Cannes trailer (via Twitch) and some images of Zhao as Mulan (via Sina) below.

The epic story of the Chinese girl-warrior, Mulan, who fights to defend her father.

The Chinese live-action version will star Vicky Zhao as Mulan, Jun Hu, Kun Chen, and Jackie Chan’s kid, Jaycee Chan. The film is being directed by Jingle Ma, who has done some good films, but has also directed his share of horrid monstrosities. Here’s hoping this doesn’t fall in the latter camp.

The film is listed as a 2010 movie, so look for it next year.