Trailer for Chen Kaige’s Caught in the Web Goes Viral

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You know, about five years ago, you would look at a movie like Chen Kaige’s “Caught in the Web” and think, “Man, that could never happen in real life! What a crazy idea for a movie!” Nowadays, all it really takes is one major website to pimp a story, and it goes viral faster than you can snap your fingers. (Okay, maybe not that fast. In a day or so, anyway.) Forget about truth, or context. Pick a viral video, slap on your spin, and voila, a million people will fall right in line propagating your spin. It’s no wonder that half of these stories end up being hoaxes, they’re THAT easy to fake.

“Caught in the Web” looks and feels like an odd offering from director Chen Kaige. This is the guy who gave us martial arts epics like “The Emperor and the Assassin”, “The Promise”, and “Sacrifice”. Though he’s also the man who gave us “Farewell My Concubine” and “Forever Enthralled”, so maybe it’s not such a stretch for him after all.

From Chen Kaige, the acclaimed director of “Farewell My Concubine” and “The Emperor and the Assassin”, comes a contemporary Chinese story inspired by today’s digital world. The story begins when a young woman, who after learning of a terminal illness, is caught on video mistreating an elderly bus passenger. The video sparks intense debate on and off the Internet. Personal information and backlash goes viral and her life, and the lives of everyone around her, slip into chaos and media scrutiny. Faced with the choice of exposing her truth, or finding sanctuary in hiding, the balance between privacy and feeding a media frenzy rests solely in her hands.

Starring Gao Yuanyuan, Yao Chen, Mark Chao, Wang Xueqi, Chen Hong, and Wang Luodan.

levelFILM will release “Caught in the Web” in select Stateside theaters this November 27th.

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