Trailer For Filipino Zombie Comedy Zombadings

From the Philippines, the country responsible for bat-shit crazy classics like 1983’s “The Killing of Satan”, comes a new zombie comedy from director Jade Castro, entitled “Zombadings”.

Set to come out sometime in 2011, there is a new trailer for “Zombadings” for your consumption. Now I don’t speak Tagolog, so I’m not 100% clear on what’s going on here, but there are some unexplained deaths, awkward teens up to usual teenage shenanigans (like getting butterfly tattoos and probably trying to get laid), a creepy mystic, and, of course, all manner of flesh-crazed, undead monsters roaming about. In my book, that adds up to a pretty good time at the movies.

Here is what the film’s official Facebook page has to say about the plot:

A coming of age story.
A coming together of friends and family story.
A coming of Zombadings story.
Coming sooner.

Here is the trailer via Twitch.