Trailer for Frank Miller’s Comic Book Holy Terror

Hunh. They’re doing movie-style trailers for comic books now? I guess I’m not all that surprised. They’ve been doing movie-style trailers for BOOKS for a while now, so why not go ahead and just include comic books, too? Still weird, though, this whole mish-mashing of genres…

Anyways, Legendary has released the first trailer for Frank Miller’s upcoming limited series comic book “Holy Terror”, his 10-years in the making “Batman vs. Al Qaeda” comic book that, along the way, ceased to become a Batman comic, though if you look at the main character (since dubbed The Fixer) he still looks like Batman, sans pointy ears.

Frank Miller – the iconic writer/artist of Sin City and 300 brings you a no-holds-barred action thriller for the modern era. Join The Fixer, a brand new, hard-edged hero as he battles terror in the inaugural release from Legendary Comics.

The Fixer fixes terror this September.