Trailer for Henrik Ruben Genz’s Terribly Happy Makes Me Terribly Happy

Have you seen the trailer for Danish-lensed dark comedy “Terribly Happy” yet? If not, you probably should, especially if you consider yourself a fan of David Lynch. The clip embedded below gives off a serious “Twin Peaks” vibe, though, to be honest, any darkly comedic tale set in a small town full of peculiar characters tends to remind me of “Twin Peaks,” so I could be completely off the mark. Regardless, the film has certainly caught my attention, and if it happens to find its way into a local arthouse theater in my neck of the woods, you can rest assured I’ll be there. Weather permitting, of course.

Here’s a summarized version of the plot:

As soon as the Policeman Robert Hansen (Jakob Cedergren) hits the cobblestone streets, his authority is questioned by nearly everyone. The town’s longstanding way of life, which includes frequent use of the outlying bogs to keep its dark secrets, seems to be stuck in a quasi-medieval time. The citizens are openly contemptuous of him, especially Jorgen (Kim Bodnia), a drunken brute who beats his wife. When the wife appeals to Hansen for help, he finds himself trapped in a bog of obligation, fear, guilt and loneliness. After an especially wrenching marital intervention, Hansen faces off with Jorgen in a mano-a-mano that would make a caveman proud. The two pound dozens of beers and whiskey in the town bar in front of a jury of the townspeople to prove which man is “right.”

If you’re extremely lucky, “Terribly Happy” might arrive in a theater near you on February 10th. Chances are, I’ll have to wait for the DVD. Insert audible sigh here.