Trailer for Indie Thriller Dark Woods

See, this is why when I come across a young girl on the side of a lake, I just turn and run the other way. The hero of the new indie thriller “Dark Woods” doesn’t do that, and instead takes her home to stay with him and his ill wife. Before you know it, the girl’s going all “Single White Female” on him and talking not-so-subtly about offing the wife. Trailer for “Dark Woods” after the jump.

A young married couple moves to a secluded area to cope with the wife’s terminal illness. As the wife’s condition gets worse, the husband’s growing detachment from her forces him into a tumultuous relationship with a local teenage girl whom he rescues from a sexual assault.

Starring James Russo, Tracy Coogan, John Muscarnero, Mary Kate Wiles, and Mark Shady. Written by Muscarnero and directed by Michael Escobedo.

Trailer and more info at the film’s official site.