Trailer for Mike Judge’s Extract Looks Friggin’ Hilarious

Mike Judge’s 1999 movie “Office Space” did for guys who used to work in an office cubicle setting what Eminem’s “8 Mile” did for white kids in the suburbs who dream of ditching their trust fund for the “ghetto” life. I’ve been waiting for Judge to do something just as good as “Office Space” for a while now, and although 2006’s “Idiocracy” had its moments, it didn’t look nearly as good as this new trailer for Judge’s “Extract”. He’s gone back to a work environment setting, this time in a warehouse where no one seems to do any actual working. Hilary, as they say, ensue.

In the film, Jason Bateman plays the straight man, the boss of the warehouse, and Mila Kunis plays the hot temp who shows up one day to tempt our hero. Back at home, Kristen Wiig plays the wife who is stingy with the hoo-haa, while a barely recognizable Ben Affleck plays Bateman’s pot-smoking best friend. Yup. That’s actually Ben Affleck. Since I haven’t been keeping up with the film’s progress, it took me a while to realize that was Affleck.

“Extract” co-stars Dustin Milligan, the always hilarious J.K. Simmons, Clifton Collins Jr., Matt Schulze, David Koechner, and Beth Grant. Mike Judge writes and directs.

Get extracted September 4.