First Trailer for the Coming-of-Age Comedy A Love Letter to Myself

As a native of the great state of Kentucky, It’s not everyday that I stumble across a local motion picture that’s worth reporting to the world at-large. So you can imagine my surprise when I happened upon the first trailer for writer/director Jesse Gilstrap’s comedic drama “A Love Letter to Myself”. It’s one of those coming-of-age stories about a group of guys and girls who are attempting to locate love and happiness within the confines of their respective locations. And while the premise itself isn’t overwhelmingly original, the trailer certainly paints the film as quirky, off-beat, and more than a little strange. Gilstrap just finished production on the picture this summer, so hopefully the film will start hitting the festival circuit very soon. One can only hope so, anyway.

For more information about “A Love Letter to Myself”, check out the film’s official Facebook page. Otherwise, help yourself to the video embedded below.