Trailer for The Founding of Image Comics The Image Revolution Documentary

The Image Revolution Documentary Image

Kids who picked up comic books today, or flock to see comic book movies on the big screen, have no idea what the big deal Image was back “in the day”. Twenty years ago, a handful of comic book artists decided to flip the two big comic publishers (Marvel and D.C.) the finger and struck out on their own to found the publishing company that would be known as Image Comics. This was a huge, huge deal. They essentially changed how comic books are created and published to this day.

You can find out what went into the founding of Image, and their lasting impact on the industry in the new documentary “The Image Revolution”. Check out a trailer for it below. Honestly, though, you don’t really “get” how big this thing was unless you lived through it. Ah, the memories…

Twenty years ago, the seven biggest superstars created their own company and changed an industry forever. From “Spawn” to “The Walking Dead,” this is the story of Image Comics.

So how did it all go down? Find out in producer/director Patrick Meaney’s “The Image Revolution”. I have no idea when/how you’ll be able to see this thing, but I suspect if you’re a comic book convention goer, your chances of seeing it is probably pretty good.

(It’s either “The Image Revolution” or wait for Rob Liefeld to finally get that “Icons” movie made.)

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