Trailer for the Horror in Space Game Spin-off Movie Dead Space: Aftermath

I’ve never played the game “Dead Space”, but man, trailers I’ve seen for this thing and its sequel looks bloody atmospheric. Maybe one day I’ll give it a shot, though my tastes run more in the run-and-gun column of gaming, and from the looks of it, investment of time is required for a game like “Dead Space”. The producers of the game have made an original animated movie called “Dead Space: Aftermath” that is due out January 25, 2011 from Electronic Arts and Anchor Bay Entertainment. That also happens to be about the same time that “Dead Space 2” the game is coming out. Trailer and plot synopsis below.

In DEAD SPACE AFTERMATH, the year is 2509 and not only has Earth lost contact with the USG Ishimura and Isaac Clarke, but also the USG O’Bannon, which is the first responder ship sent to rescue them. Four crew members of the O’Bannon have survived, but no one knows what happened to the rest of the crew, what they were doing, or what secrets they may be holding. All will be revealed…in the Aftermath!

Making a return from the first Dead Space animated feature film is producer Joe Goyette and supervising director Mike Disa. Dead Space Aftermath will also be produced and animated by Film Roman (“The Simpsons,” “King of the Hill”), and boasts a stellar voice cast led by Christopher Judge (“Stargate: SG-1”), Peter Woodward (“Babylon 5,” “Charmed”), Graham McTavish (upcoming theatrical release of The Hobbit), Ricardo Chavira (“Desperate Housewives”) and Gwendoline Yeo (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”).

The movie looks like a combination of traditional hand-drawn and CG animation and. Not sure how the two styles fit into the movie’s narrative, because it looks pretty strange in the trailer.