Trailer for The Locke and Key TV Show That Never Was

Miranda Otto and Nick Stahl in Locke and Key TV Series

FOX’s “Locke and Key”, based on the comic book by Joe Hill, didn’t get pick up by the studio, and who knows how they came to that decision. A lot of decisions made by executives at FOX can generously be called “baffling”. For instance, does anyone actually think the Steven Spielberg-produced “Terra Nova” is going to last a full season? Or why “Family Guy” was canceled only to be un-canceled? Nah. That’s FOX for ya. In any case, for those wondering what could have been, here is the actual trailer for the “Locke and Key” pilot that was shot but has yet to see the light of day. The trailer has been verified as the real thing by series writer Josh Friedman. (And really, how could it not be the real thing? I mean, all the actors are in it, including the mansion locale, etc.)

An adventure story centered around three children who become the caretakers of a New England mansion that is home to a bevy of secrets and magic.

The show would have starred Miranda Otto, Nick Stahl, Jesse McCartney, Sarah Bolger and Mark Pellegrino.

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