Trailer Number Three For Nine

nine-daniel-day-lewisWith only twenty-five days until release, the third trailer for Nine finally reveals some of the story. Usually a music isn’t that contingent on story – the one prerequisite is that it’s cute or charming – but this is based on the legendary film 8 1/2, after all. Rob Marshall’s musical seems to retain most of the angles: the childhood whore, the Catholic guilt and upbringing, and Guido’s latest project which represents a creative roadblock – though the space rocket looks like it’s been replaced by some ancient Greek or Roman set. Of course, I’m pretty sure that the film’s plot will veer closely to the Italian musical, which I haven’t seen, and most people reading probably haven’t either. 8 1/2 is my only bearing. Hopefully it will combine the strong story of Federic Fellini’s classic with the musical pizazz of Rob Marshall to create an experience like a modern day My Fair Lady. I have more modest expectations, but with any luck it should be a quality film.

The one strange thing about the trailer is that it speaks of Guido as if everybody should know who he is. Since Fellini made the film semi-autobiographical, I would hope that the film somehow tries to incorporate the Italian visionary’s life so that the audience can really get to know who he is. After all, this could be a hit like Chicago, which made over $300 million worldwide, and I doubt that most people know what 8 1/2 even is. Then again, there is a huge different between the pure kinetic energy of a Rob Marshall musical and a Fellini film.