Trailer, Pics for Travis Betz’s Horror/Comedy Lo

It irritates me when a movie completely slips under my radar, especially when said motion picture is something that would likely appeal to my bizarre taste in cinema. Writer/director Travis Betz’s 2009 romantic horror/comedy “Lo” managed to escape my attention entirely, which is strange, really, considering how often I dig through horror-related websites in search of obscure material. No matter — the film has wormed its way into my tender psyche thanks to the intriguing trailer provided below. What’s more, I’ve mined a few photos from the film’s official Facebook page to round out the experience. That’s just the type of selfless individual I am.

Here’s the Lo-down, so to speak:

Love is a tricky little devil. It has the power to command great sacrifice from those it touches. Enter Justin. A loser who’s most exciting moment in any given day is the house salad/no dressing he orders on his lunch break from corporate HateMyJob. But when a bizarre and curiously naive woman named April shows up in his life, he is forever changed. Suddenly the world is bright and full of hope, and nothing could ever change that…until April is mysteriously kidnapped by demons. Finding an ancient summoning book amongst her things, Justin draws a circle on the ground and commands the power of the one demon marked in the book by a red ribbon. The demon Lo. While justin tries desperately to keep control of the demon he has summond, Lo has other plans for the tasty human who sits just inches away behind his protective circle. From singing demons, to talking hands, dancing bartenders and human sized rats, Justin’s love is put to the ultimate test, not to mention Lo’s ego. Love is Hell, and Hell is funny.

“Lo” arrived on DVD yesterday, which means you can order yourself a copy if the urge suddenly strikes you. The image gallery and the trailer are listed below for your infinite enjoyment. When you’re done, stop by Travis’ blog for a moment or two. The guy’s pretty clever.