Trailer, Release Date For Emil Ishii’s Bleed With Me

BleedI’ve been following Emil Ishii’s upcoming backwoods horror flick “Bleed With Me” (aka “Rovdrift”) for a while now, and I’m pleased to announce that the film is finally getting a proper Region 1 release courtesy of the dedicated individuals working behind-the-scenes at R Squared Films. Buzz surrounding the picture has been fairly good, though, to be perfectly honest, positive word of mouth means very little when you’re dealing with an indie horror movie. Regardless, it’s always nice to see underrated Danish wrtier/director/actor Kim Sønderholm in a quality production, and I do have a soft spot for films featuring crazy cab drivers tormenting pretty girls. I’m twisted like that.

Here’s what on the menu:

After a long night tending bar for a bunch of annoying drunks, Laura isn’t really feeling up to a long bus-ride home. She hails a cab and settles into the back seat, relieved that her terrible night is over. She doesn’t know it yet but her evening is about to get worse. A lot worse.

Groovy. The DVD streets on October 6th. Check out the trailer below.