Trailers for the South Korean Thriller Too Many Villains Bring the Intensity

I love a good thriller, which is why I turn my bespectacled sights towards Korean cinema whenever I’m hankering for some gritty, hard-boiled suspense. So it shouldn’t some as a bowel-rattling shock that yours truly has gravitated towards writer/director Kim Harry’s upcoming endeavor “Too Many Villains”, a touching story about a retired gangster who is attempting to regain custody of his daughter. With fight scenes. Sounds like a winner to me.

To put a finer point on it, here’s a synopsis:

Kang-pil is a former gangster who now runs a private detective agency and needs money to hire a lawyer for the rights to have custody of his daughter. A woman called Lee Moon-hee brings a huge amount in check and asks him to follow a man named Park Yong-dae. However, at the same time, Park Yong-dae goes missing and the woman is unreachable and Kang-pil doesn’t know what to do. He soon realizes that he’s stuck in the middle of a huge crime related to gold bars that belonged to the Japanese in the past.

Although the film opens in just a few days — December 8th to be exact — the teaser and the full trailer have just been released. You can find both of them lurking below.

Too Many Villains (2011) Movie Poster

Via : Film Smash